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Play ground

Facilities / Play ground

Oak Valley values the symbiotic relationship between a sound mind and a healthy body. Our school actively fosters physical activities, incorporating sports and games into the core of every scholar's personality development journey. We firmly believe in the harmony between academics and sports, recognizing them as allies in unlocking a child's complete potential.

On our playgrounds, teamwork, leadership, dedication, discipline, self-confidence, and self-esteem are nurtured through various activities. Sports play a pivotal role in shaping a scholar's lifestyle, imparting skills crucial for navigating today's competitive world.

Our sports curriculum revolves around the belief in every child's right to engage in sports, accommodating varying physical abilities with diverse sporting opportunities. With world-class facilities, we encourage active participation, ensuring each scholar's involvement.

Beginning with the fundamentals of running, swimming, and freehand gymnastics in the early years, our scholars progress through the 'wings' program, enhancing motor skills and coordination. As they advance, we embrace and encourage their unique sporting talents, aligning their curriculum accordingly. Expert instructors craft tailored training regimens, capitalizing on each child's abilities, talents, and potential."

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