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Our Philosophy

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When our children enter the schooling system today, they will be facing the society after a decade as responsible citizens. It is quite possible that they might have to face unprecedented challenges and competition for which, there is a need to start preparing right now. Time and society demands development of potentials capacities and skills among our successful professionals in this global culture.

These qualities cannot be developed over night. They are to be laboriously and elaborately developed and inculcated over the period of years, right from childhood.

Education is a contextual activity and not just limited to the confines of a classroom. Every new experience in a child’s life is a new opportunity for learning and academics just plays the role of helping the child to relate this learning with appropriate context

  • Knowledge
  • Values
  • Discipline
  • Skills
  • Attitude


We perceive education as enrichment of five indispensable aspects of human life.

These aspects are the base for developing the personality and core competence of any child.