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Facilities / Library


Fostering a love for reading is paramount for children's development. At Oak Valley, our library serves as a vibrant educational and cultural hub, offering a plethora of print and digital resources that spark curiosity and facilitate learning.

Our library isn't just a repository of books; it's an ecosystem promoting knowledge acquisition. We provide essential materials, collaborate with educators, offer research support, and mentor students, nurturing a lifelong passion for reading and learning.

The library's collection continually expands to include diverse formats, fostering an environment that reignites the joy of reading. Students and teachers alike benefit from our ever-growing selection of resources, spanning books, DVDs, CDs, and digital materials. Our dedicated research space for educators equipped with computers and internet facilities further enhances academic exploration and subject-based research.

With over 6000 resources, including magazines, periodicals, newspapers, and research reports, our library caters to the diverse needs of all age groups, creating an enriching environment for continuous learning and exploration.