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Facilities / Laboratories

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At Oak Valley, our well-equipped computer lab provides advanced hardware and software tailored to our students' needs. Our dedicated teachers ensure practical application of the curriculum, guiding students from basic software like Windows and MS Office to elementary programming languages such as LOGO and Q Basic, enhancing their logical skills. Regular assessments and projects nurture practical expertise. In higher classes, students explore advanced multimedia software like FLASH and PHOTOSHOP, preparing them for contemporary technological demands.

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At Oak Valley's Math Lab, students explore math through hands-on activities, collaborating with teachers to grasp fundamental concepts using real-life scenarios. Through models and visual aids, abstract ideas become tangible, fostering discussions and collaborative learning. Weekly visits reinforce classroom learning, ensuring a comprehensive, engaging approach to math education.

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The chemistry laboratory is designed while keeping all the statutory norms and safety standards. It is well ventilated as well as spacious. It has some of the most accurate digital measuring instruments required for measuring chemicals. Here, a scientific attitude is developed in the students along with the ability to analyze, collate, compute, integrate and deduce.

In the lab, the students learn to handle apparatus and chemicals. They improve their understanding of various chemical reactions and chemical processes. It enables personal verification of important experimental facts. Logic and reasoning skills that develop in this lab will go a long way in ensuring success in later life.

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Well planned, spacious and well equipped physics lab has all the interesting sets of equipment to reinforce scientific and experimental concepts and facilities in developing investigative skills. There are models, charts, apparatus, kits and experimental gadgets to cater the needs of students. In the Physics lab, students discover the law which governs a certain phenomenon or verify a given law which has been derived from a theory.

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Continuing the Spirit of Science Exploration for Tomorrow's Science Innovation – Many world famous scientists with their infinite sense of wonder and dedication have contributed many valuable inventions and discoveries that we are enjoying today in our daily lives. Today's students should be trained and encouraged to carry on in the spirit of our famous scientists, for which we have provided a fully equipped Biology lab that brings the natural sciences, innovative technology, complete curriculum activities, and time-saving resources into science classrooms, so teachers can inspire their students to embark on their own journey of science discovery.

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At Oak Valley's Space Labs, students engage in immersive activities and utilize cutting-edge technology to explore the cosmos. Educators and students collaborate, fostering curiosity and a deep understanding of space.

Encouraging teamwork and discussions, these labs aid in comprehending celestial phenomena using advanced simulations and visual aids. Students frequent these labs to reinforce classroom learning or venture into new cosmic territories.

At Oak Valley, our Space Labs are more than rooms; they're gateways to ignite curiosity and make space exploration captivating for our students.